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I remember filling out all those surverys and always complaining that inters and griefers and sh*t was the most frustrating behaviour, but I also semi-liked the idea of some kind of progression that isn't just ranked.

Earlier in the year I was at like a 40% WR on my main champ, sporting a 10 KDA, and people would flame me, but I just lost games cause of inters, and my champ being weak in the meta. But I just wanted to play my champ. It felt so bad. Fortunately I've gotten the WR back to over 50% but its also nice to see that I'm consistently doing the most dmg in a game, or having high KDAs, or flame horizoning or sh*t like that.

That's all. Imo they made the game less frustrating. Now if only theyll fix the client /s

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So glad you're enjoying them! Our intent was to make each game of League feel a bit more rewarding.