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Full disclosure, I am a gold 4 adc main in NA

With that out of the way I just have one issue I can't wrap my head around that I seemingly can't get a straight answer from anyone on.

Why does riot balance so heavily around pro-play? This might be mostly anecdotal but it feels like a large part of the ADC role is based around what the absolute best players in pro-play can do while also having lots of communication with their team in order to get sufficient peel.

But everyone knows soloq is not even close to that, from my experience even if I'm the sole reason our team is in the game more than likely I'm lucky to have one person dedicate themselves to peeling me let alone 2 or 3. This isn't a slight against my team really, if you've never played adc you wouldn't know how fragile they are and would assume that your fed adc can 1v1 someone if they are left alone, it's not like we know every intricacy of every other role at gold. But it just feels entirely frustrating to know that things often are out of your hands for some moments of the game even if you are ahead.

I know I'm not alone in this feeling as it's no mystery how adc mains feel about the fact that they have no agency for almost everything they do down to their builds, but it just makes me ask, if 70%+ of the playerbase struggled with the role, why is riot so hands off with it?

Obviously people say that adc is too strong and maybe it's the champs I play but very rarely do I feel as strong as my scoreline depicts, the fact that adc regularly gets priority queue now in my mind validates my concern that the role is overly difficult to be proficient at let alone good as I can't remember a time 5 years ago the role had a low playrate like this.

But back to my original point why does Riot seem to not care? Most patches seem to do nothing for adc more than nerf the champ with over a 52% wr or buff the champ below 48%(except for zeri and aphelios), the durability patch felt good for a few days but riot immediately buffed assassins back to their previous strength and it feels like I still have to play perfect to beat the enemy brand, lux, velkoz support when they only have boots.

Obviously a pro player or even high challenger player knows how to play better than me and you could just tell me to "get gud" and that they have no issues with the soloq experience when playing adc but I know I'm struggling and it feels like half of getting better at adc is just understanding who and what can kill you at all power levels and playing to your team even if you don't agree with what they are doing.

Maybe I'm just envious of the other lanes, regularly I watch the enemy mid go 0/x in lane and walk up and one-shot me after they get their mythic and sometimes I just wish I could do that or at the very least not die to that so easily.

Anyways if you read all of that thanks for reading and hopefully you can educate me beyond a "get gud".

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Originally posted by Throwawaycater

Basicly its where the biggest amount of money is with the least amount of research

Curious where you got this info, do you mind sharing?

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Originally posted by Throwawaycater

I do feel like im not too far off of the point, allthough my previous point is a bit short and rough on it. I personally feel like beqause esports is so big and its more easy to balance around the top of the top rather then the people in bronze-gold. Since the sample size is just way smaller. Then again i have no clue about balance or game design for that matter, just a guess from a casual player

I'm prefacing this with the fact that I am NOT on the balance team, but I do work with them. There are definitely considerations made for pro play because its an important part of our ecosystem. That said, there are innate difficulties with balancing the same game for silver players and challenger players. If anything though, we have WAY more data on silver players because thats where the bulk of the playerbase is at. Its an INCREDIBLY hard balancing game, but the team does take into consideration a much larger picture across all skill levels. Here's an article we wrote on it 2 years back if you're interested: https://www.leagueoflegends.com/en-pl/news/dev/dev-balance-framework-update/

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Here's an article we wrote on balancing a while back if you're interested in learning more! https://www.leagueoflegends.com/en-pl/news/dev/dev-balance-framework-update/

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Originally posted by Gooquleimages

It was informative on how you guys manage individual champions per elo, but I'm more interested in how you guys manage the power balance between roles, I remember a clip of August saying you guys had stats on what roles led to what outcomes but he didn't elaborate much more than "most often a loss was due to a support diff" and "mid is most likely to carry" do you guys use that data to manage the power balance between roles?

Hmm I’m not sure I have anything I can point you to but could be a future article idea. I will say we do have access to a ton of data we can work with the better understand role strength.

I don’t directly work with this data though, so don’t want to say anything that could be potentially misleading.

As a fellow ADC player though I will say it feels in a fine spot to me. We are literally infants for the early stages of the game (which we should be) because our strength is heavily reliant on items and scaling. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a champ that can do more damage than full build Vayne.

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Originally posted by Gooquleimages

I agree that nothing feels better than being full build or even being close to it, I just find that the struggle is getting to that point, so much of the game seems to be decided by those first 15 - 20 minutes, I often feel like I lost if I leave lane having gone even.

That said I stick with the role for those moments where I'm full build and I think the 5 games where its over in 20 don't necessarily outweigh the 1 game I'm allowed to hit full build

That's a fair feeling, that lack of priority and agency we have early game is the price we pay for that late game solo carry high-dps threat fantasy. You could also try out more early game aggro ADC's like Draven or Samira if you're looking to snowball early!