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It looks flashy, elegant, spooky, very curious aesthetic they’ve chosen.

Her gameplay seems to be very moving, fast and beautiful to watch. Her animations are just very flowing as she was running like water and very striking.

I love her accent and champion theme, I love her backstory (the fee we got to see) and I love how inexpressive she seems to be, moving very doll-like and her face frozen in few expressions.

I love her

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Originally posted by Solash1

I still think you could probably do a bit more to sell the "Living doll" vibe, maybe some pailer skin or hollower looking eyes

She's ALMOST there, just needs a bit extra

She's not meant to be a living doll. She is a doll that has been transformed into a human, similar to Pinocchio. We had early versions where she was more of a living doll but it felt too similar to Oriana and even more so to Shaco.

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Originally posted by ToTheNintieth

Lillia is kind of a "we don't have anywhere else to put her in" case, but yeah.

skirmishers are a subclass riot hasn't made that many champions for until recently, much less AP ones which is just sylas pretty sure

yeah lillia was hard to classify. I put her as a hybrid skirmisher/mage, but I think battlemage could be a reasonable argument.

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Originally posted by Djinn_in_Tonic

She definitely feels more like a battlemage to me, as she lacks the strong personal defense that basically every other skirmisher in the game possesses, and her damage tends to be almost entirely area-of-effect.

Her stacking MS is a pretty powerful defensive tool, allowing her to dodge a lot of skill shots + kite backwards in ways that let her choose her fights more than most battlemages ever get to. I can see the argument though for sure.

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Originally posted by ToTheNintieth

Whatever Lillia is, she's one of the best champion designs in years. Just thought you should know :)

But yeah, I think it's not that crucial to have every last champion in a neat little box. Lillia is a naturally squishy DPS/DoT AP fightery-magey champion with no dashes but a ton of mobility via MS and no inherent defensive tools -- and she works fantastically, all with nothing in the way of completely unique mechanics. It's a total slam dunk of a design.

Thank you so much. That means a lot.

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