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Hey guys, recently i got into league because of my friends and it is really fun to play. Now i want to play ranked matches even without my friends but im afraid that my teammates will Flame me for everything i do wrong, im not the best Player and still learning. Is it a thing that you mute the chat in game?

It sounds like a stupid question but i consider myself stupid so its ok haha.

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There's a lot of both bad and good out there on the ladder. I think setting good boundaries and knowing what gets under your skin is the key to enjoying your ranked experience.

Here's some features you can use to control how you interact with chat especially:

  • Mute: From the tab scoreboard choose someone to mute and then choose whether to mute their chat or pings as well. If someones being especially disruptive, sending a verbal abuse report auto mutes them as well.
  • Party Chat: Either in game or pre game you can set your chat settings to "Party Only" if you dont want to see chat from either your team or enemies. Totally fine with us!
  • /Deafen. If you normally enjoy chat but sometimes find it distracting and just need an off switch then typing /deafen will mute every chat channel and send a message to the other players in the game that you wont be responding anymore.

Hope you enjoy your ranked experience and welcome to League!

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Originally posted by darunia484

What's the difference between party chat and deafen if I solo queue? Is it the same?

Update to the above:

/deafen will send a message to the rest of the lobby that you wont be participating in chat, and needs to be typed every game. It's good if you find yourself sucked into a flame war and need to re focus on the game.

party chat is a persistent setting that will remove you from the chat without letting other players know. Its perfect if you just want to play the game without worrying about chat.