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Despite being a simple, non-pro play champion, he has the lowest winrate in the game, lower than Yuumi, Aphelios, Zeri, Corki, Kalista, etc.

I searched the subreddit and no one has made a post about it. Am I missing something? It's not like people are going with an old build either. Every single max order has a low winrate and every tank mythic except Radiant Virtue (which only has a 19 game sample size so idk if the 73% winrate is usable)

All data taken from lolalytics but OP.GG also has a 43% winrate and U.GG has a 41%.

I know the winrate will go up when all of the nom-mains drop him, but it is still such an absurdly low winrate for a champion that shouldn't be as hard to play as other typical low winrate champions.

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They'll be a micropatch to add in compensatory buffs to him. As noted elsewhere, Jak'Sho stacks differently with him now and we overshot the impact it would have.

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Originally posted by SpiffyMagnetMan68621

Overshot? You meant to land on the moon and instead you put his ass on Jupiter

We here at Riot Games have very good rocket ships.

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Originally posted by Ecstatic-Eggplant434

Will Ornn get bugfixed in the micropatch?

Yep, he'll be included as well.