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Gold Graph: https://imgur.com/a/jc5WNSh

Blue team were ahead from minute 3 onwards and got every bounty regardless. System appears to be quite bugged, super frustrating to play against a Fiora who is already ahead giving her team 3k gold by AFK sidelaning.

It's the fiddlesticks game.

Linking games doesn't work for some reason but GameID is 5560225235.

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Originally posted by Alvezzi

I had the same thing in my game. They were up 5 kills and had an extra dragon, and had taken all our outer towers while we hadn’t touched theirs. They got bounty to take our inner turrets so we got absolutely assblasted.

Would you mind linking the game so I can investigate?

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Hi folks,

If you have any bounty games that feel off, please post them in this thread. (opgg and identifying features about the game will suffice)

Also please include information about why the bounty felt off to you. It's a very tuning dependent system, so we're trying to gather as much information as possible from you all.

We don't expect to have hit the correct tuning on the first try and the first few hours of games will give us 1000x more games than we ever possibly could have playtested.

Thanks everyone!

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Originally posted by TellMeGetOffReddit

This is the problem with riots current philosophy of "short 20 minute games"

That either means games are a stomp or riot has to make the game have insanely bullshit comeback mechanics that work on long shots not skill. It's the complete opposite of what you want in a game. Long shot comeback mechanics that make playing the game poorly okay becauise you just have to keep throwing yourself at the enemy until you cash in..

"short 20 minute games"

Show me that quote anywhere from designers or producers on League of Legends.

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Originally posted by TheyAreGroot

It's cool that you're trying to help but it's also so f**king funny to me to see a riot employee response to a message that ends with "assblasted"

Hi I'm replying to your reply that ends in "assblasted"

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Originally posted by All_In_zzzz

It's random but I still think about your "After Sjokz" line from time to time and it's probably my favorite bit of off the cuff wordplay I've heard on a live desk/stream. It'd be a dated reference, but if they change the Aftershock icon to your face next April I'd be ecstatic.

Hahaha no way they will.

At the time I was worried people would interpret “after Sjokz” as some sort of lust/chasing thing even though the context was obvious. Glad it ended up just being a simple banger :)

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Originally posted by RandomPunktSucks

But how for real. How bad can it be? Our team was behind the entire game, the enemy took all drakes and had nashor + 2 of our inhibs down. We were 12k behind, and they get a bounty on our nexus tower.

Like, there must be some kind of check you forgot to implement?

Do you mind linking me the game, so I can check it out?

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Originally posted by Far-Opinion-8644

Reporting a game with a note able failure of the bounty system. GameID: 4108486869. Enemy team got bounties on 2.5k gold lead proceeded to turn it around to a 7.5k gold lead. But they still were getting bounties.

Post Micro-Patch

You ran into the edge case that I described on Twitter. We are figuring out a design solution for it and will deploy it when it's ready. It doesn't happen in many games, but when it happens it's quite painful and I'm sorry you had to go through that.

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Originally posted by ltbird259


I had a game a minute ago where we were definitely ahead but laid out something like this:

we had 3 drakes

kills 12-12

we were 3 turrets up

The thing is though that their jungler was massively fed. So Viego was 9-2 when bounties went up. It feels like the system doesn't take into account how the gold is allocated on the team. A viego can definitely solo carry games like that so even though we were, in our opinion, equal or maybe behind since we had to scale up to match with the viego that was super strong. Felt pretty bad even though it wasn't a bug. We also never got bounties even once we fell 6.6k gold behind at some point. Idk felt really bad.

Did the 3 dragons not affect your assessment of whether the game was even or not? It's a significant advantage. Not saying it's correct or incorrect, just curious on your opinion of dragons vs gold/xp.