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Hello, this is your favorite Rioter, Riot [REDACTED], and you're probably wondering why the servers are down. Well, we decided to spring onto you a twist that no one probably saw coming. We've been monitoring the player engagement of the event across all our servers, watching as Summoners became Rookies across the globe to fight against the Harrowing, and based it against projections to see if everyone could collectively rise up and stop Viego from conquering the world.

Well we've gone long enough and based the engagement on our analytics, and we've officially determined that you guys all didn't try hard enough. Because of this, we are calling it here. Viego has conquered Runeterra. The Rookie and the Sentinels are Ruined and you can expect the Ruined Lucian and Senna skins in the next few patches. We're very excited to announce a five stage Senna Ultimate skin stretched across five skins for the new "Super Ultimate" price of 6900 RP.

To reflect the fall of Runeterra, we have shut down the servers indefinitely. Please expect a Dev Diary post in the future reflecting our graphs and analytics showing how player engagement in the event, Ultimate Spellbook, and sales of the Sentinel Graves and Vayne skins have shown that we simply could not fight back against the Harrowing.

Good luck Summoners, and hopefully we may one day see each other on the Rift again.

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Turns out Viego is the good guy.