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His voice over is really well-done. I love how silly it sounds and it really fits the ridiculous way that he walks around and things. The champion was really well put together from a thematical standpoint.

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That's really nice to hear! Creating a thematically cohesive champion is always a top goal - I think Ivern, while not everyone's cup of tea, is a fully realized character.

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Originally posted by Dalganoth

Who was lead designer on him? His kit is super fun and rewarding

Blake "Squad5" Smith was the designer, but it's always a team effort from about 15 folks including animators, writers, engineers, sound designers, etc. Blake really designed a super fun and unique kit. I hope it encourages more folks to try Jungle who normally wouldn't

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Originally posted by [deleted]

I completely agree with that notion - Ivern is a fully realized character. Did you do any of the work on Ivern? One of the themes that I like that was well done with Ivern, is that his personality isn't incredibly complex, when compared to some of the other champions that have been created or reworked.

Either way, his entire theme, design and kit are really well done.

I am one of the development managers for the champion team so I work on all of them to some degree, but I didn't work very closely on Ivern. I'll pass your feedback on to the team - thank you!

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