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This video is actually really good even if you're not into esports - it gives exactly the kind of first look into these champions that spotlights don't really cover, and it even involves some discussion between the design leads and the pros!

If we're going to have the LCS in LA, I'm glad they're taking proper advantage for once by bringing the Riot creative together with the competitive.

Really, really well done.

A note! I'm not the design lead but I did end up discussing many of the points with our lead designer :)

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My only feedback is that I think I'd prefer slightly fewer pros so we could hear the designers interacting with the pros a bit more. But overall great stuff. 

We ended up chatting so much about Aurora! It was a bit unstructured and I took tons and tons of notes. While some feedbacks were conflicting, it was great to get deep into how the Pros think! Scene wise, we were just really interested in getting as much play time as possible that day with the Pros :D