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I posted a similar thing on the Kennen subreddit (the post in question) talking about Kennen's newest skin, and was told to post about the topic here. I'm a Kennen main, and I love the aesthetic of the new skin mostly, but there's an issue that I (and clearly others, if you look at the post) have run into where the W passive, the empowered auto, coming up has very little indication that it's ready. There is a slight audio cue, and a very slight visual cue, but it's minor enough that even though I am quite used to the champion- I have 600k mastery- I waste the passive on minions because I'm used to the game giving me some feedback when my passive is up. If you check the post, I wasn't the only one (though some people were okay with it).

Infernal Kennen's W passive (skip to ~40 seconds)

An example of what other skins look/sound like (skip to 1 minute)

I love the skin, and want to use it, but the lack of indicator is a nerf to my laning phase since it is so far out of left field for me that it feels like random crits instead of a consistent poke. Hopefully by bringing it up here someone who can do something about it takes notice and we can get a patch to make it a little bit more noticeable. Thanks! :)

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Originally posted by m-kael

i think the best thing to do is reply to someone on twitter. not sure who exactly but there are some rioters on twitter and i believe theyve been known to fix bugs on skins and stuff like that

Katey is the person to tweet to for stuff like this! Here's her twitter. https://twitter.com/KateyAnthony
I agree that the W passive charge up isn't as audible. I'll bring it up on Monday and see if we can do a quick fix.