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So as the title says, been using wasd since like 2013 when I started. Using the camera with mouse just didn't make sense to me, I felt like the mouse was already very busy chasing down Champs and staying focused on micro. But now I'm starting realize, maybe my keyboard is too busy now, that might be why I only ever got to silver. My game sense isn't that great though, but maybe I've gimped myself a bit. Sometimes I do feel like stretching my fingers to 1234 for abilities and having a busy keyboard is hindering me more than a busy mouse. That, and the fact that basically a very small amount of pros (if not just 1 or 2) use wasd method as well. That has to mean something, being which it's just not as great as some people like me think.

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Also use WASD controls coming from old RTS games and am a big fan, my thinking is that your mouse hand should almost never have downtime, you're moving your character or aiming an ability almost constantly for the entire game, while your keyboard hand is frequently not doing much at all. Even in the middle of a fight, you have 4 abilities + some items, some of which will have longish cooldowns, but the clicking never stops.