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Bruiser Zeri is unfun, and I say it from a Zeri enjoyer. I want to zoom through battles, and I want to kite because of my speed and slippery kit. I dint want to facetank divers while shooting AoE runaan hydra procs with my 4000 hp, no crit required. Forcing her to build crit didnt't work, do give her the pyke treatment. If she needs to be squishy to keep her speed, make it so when she buys HP it is instead converted to another stat such as AD, AS or even a shield that only regenerates in fountain

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Eh, I think there are plenty of levers available to the kit to push her away from tankier builds without saying “hey btw warmogs is a damage item”

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Originally posted by badtrip426

It kind of is with titanic hydra.

Technically correct, the best kind of correct 👍🏼

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Originally posted by hyflyerboi

I'm genuinely curious, but do you guys ever plan on removing the Q sheen interaction? It'd definitely put a huge nail into the coffin for trinity builds. Although maybe it'd be cool if her zap gave her a sheen proc since that's technically an ability, so she'd have to weave the zaps with Q to use trinity.

I’d defer to her champ designer but it could be done. I don’t have a super strong opinion except that I kinda dislike turning it off. It breaks baseline expectation in a pretty weird way.

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Originally posted by Proxnite

It’s 6am and Phreak is on r/leagueoflegends sorting by new, that’s how you know he’s a real enjoyer of this sub and not just here for PR.

My sleep schedule is bad. Giving me positive feedback for this isn’t helping.

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Originally posted by MazrimReddit

Are you just getting up or going to sleep, funny how that matters though

The first replies were going to sleep. These are getting up.

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Originally posted by RedCannonMinion

Three day weekend vibes

I’m on PTO today also

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Originally posted by WoonStruck

Could reduce effectiveness of on-hits for her Q to 75%

Most of the on-hit items are already pretty bad on her, so them being a worse option won't change much, but it'll address this build in the meantime.

The only kinda unintended change would be to runaan's, and the on-hit is getting nerfed soon IIRC, so dealing 11 on-hit damage instead of 15 shouldn't change things drastically, considering that's not why she buys it.

Also possible, sure. She already has a sorta anti-synergy since her attacks per second is capped. Further AS turns into AD, which only synergizes with crit. Obviously this isn’t enough.

Still though, I suspect there is room to just remove some of her “free” flat damage that doesn’t scale with item purchases. Ratios could be compensated where needed.

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Originally posted by WoonStruck

Do you think its reasonable to change her passive/Q interaction with wards/traps? Either works. That could potentially lower the pro tilt if its ever needed.

Essentially just removing an auto-reset specifically vs wards. She's already considered safe, and this interaction currently only adds to her safety, realistically. Completely unneeded power.

It’s such a small piece of power I think it does more to hurt feels than actually to do anything meaningful for game balance.

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