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The delay is at the beginning of the game and as the game progresses they shorten the delay during the replays until its completely gone so that the game ends live. Jatt revealed this all during a broadcast once.

We had that setup about 4 years ago :) our delay live now varies between 2 and 4 seconds! 2 seconds for events like worlds and msi and a bit more for LEC for example! We had a year where we went 0 seconds but it resulted in too many freezes live :)

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Are you sure they are handling that the same in every league? Jatt was surely talking about LCS. That’s a completely different production than LEC.

I regularly talk with the observers there so yes! Unless they’ve just reverted back! Because we usually use the same system

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Sry bit i had to hijack this comment.

How did you get a job as LEC observer?

I had some volunteer experienced, they needed more and I applied ^ Now I've been doing the live observing for years in LEC and a few times at Worlds and MSI :D