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Riot Scruffy Tweeted the upcoming changes for patch 11.12

11.12 preview with tentative changes.

The team added a few more champs and is finalizing the tuning so a few things may still change.

Imgur (image) version: https://i.imgur.com/Md25qt1.png

>>> Champion Nerfs <<<


Base stats

  • AD per level: 4 >>> 3.5


  • Bonus AD ratio: 50 >>> 45%



  • Cooldown: 8-6 >>> 10-6s



  • Bonus damage: 10.8-25.2% >>> 9-21% missing health



  • Lifesteal: 12-24 >>> 10-22%


Base stats

  • AD: 59 >>> 57



  • Heal per unit hit (non-champion): 3-7 + 4% bAD (9-21 + 12% bAD empowered) >>> 2-6 + 3% bAD (6-18 +9% bAD empowered)



  • Initial damage: 45-105 (+55% bAD) >>> 40-80 (+40% bonus AD)

  • Return damage: 45-145 (+70% bonus AD) >>> 50-170 (+80 bAD)



  • Cone damage: 60-310 (+70% AP) >>> 50-275 (+80% AP)

>>> Champion Buffs <<<



  • Bonus armor: 30 >>> 40


  • Cooldown: 130-90 >>> 110-80


Base stats

  • Armor: 32 >>> 35


  • bAD ratio: 75 >>> 85%



  • Bonus damage: 35-55 (+65-105% bAD) >>> 40-60 (+70-110% bAD)


Base stats

  • Mana per level: 40 >>> 50



  • On hit damage: 10-50 (+10% armor) >>> 15-55 (+15% armor)



  • Damage: 85-265 >>> 85-285


  • Medium/long range missile speed: 1550 >>> 2250



  • Cooldown: 12 >>> 9s


Base stats

  • Magic Resist: 26 >>> 30

  • AD per level: 2.4 >>> 3


  • Severum Q number of attacks: 6+1 per 33% AS >>> 6+1 per 50% AS

  • Severum Q damage per attack: 10~30 (+21-30% AD) >>> 10-40 (+20-35% AD)

  • Severum Q Passive healing on basic attacks: 3-20% >>> 3-10%

  • Severum Q Passive healing on spells: 3-20% >>> 9-30%

  • Crescendum Q damage per attack: 25-85 (+35-50% AD) >>> 31-100 (+40-60% AD)

  • Crescendum mini chakram damage: 0.24 AD - (0.035 AD * number of chakrams hit before this one) >>> 0.15 AD - (0.015 AD * number of chakrams hit before this one)

>>> Other <<<

Dr. Mundo

Sometimes me wonder, who is me to play god? Then me remember, me Mundo

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Originally posted by ilanf2

I am surprised about Karma not being on the list while having a huge nerf currently on PBE, according to Surrender at 20. Is that a PBE version mistake?

PBE is a bug I believe

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Originally posted by SunlDre

Will Ziggs finally see the light of day

I played the R missile speed changes in a playtest today and it definitely feels pretty solid

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Originally posted by ArionLusitanicus

Is Vel'Koz on the radar of getting buffs too? With Xerath and now Ziggs getting them I wonder if he is also gonna receive some love at some point

Last I saw Vel was doing really well in soloq but I haven't checked recently. Definitely possible!

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Originally posted by turtle921

Woah tentative changes on same day.

Big speed

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Originally posted by gramineous

I don't understand it at all. Aren't mana buffs like that better for low elo and players newer to the champion who aren't as experienced managing mana? Isn't that the exact wrong part of the Illaoi playerbase in need of buffs?

It depends on many factors - in many cases this is true, though not always (e.g. when Darius' mana costs were raised in 10.6, his drop in winrate was relatively flat across different MMR brackets). In particular mages tend to exhibit this most, though of course it depends a lot on which champion, which spell's mana cost, and so on.

This particular case is interesting because Illaoi is one of the most (if not the most) mana-constrained fighter, so the expectation is that mana likely isn't skewed towards newer players/lower MMR players given that unlike on less mana-constrained champions, more skilled Illaoi players still have to opt into mana itemization/rune choices and still run oom with better skill usage. It is a scaling buff which tends to favor low MMR (level scaling is more impactful later in the game, games in low MMR last longer on average) so that might mean there's a light low MMR skew here for a separate reason but typically mana/level buffs don't exhibit this very strongly, if they show this skew at all.

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Originally posted by Gondall

Are the Infernum changes for Aphelios seen on PBE a mistake or where they meant to be included in this list? Appreciate you!!

Not sure though I imagine they were intended

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Originally posted by agatinhamiau

Can you check Syndra?

She is bound by pro play right now sadly

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Originally posted by Slimjim887

Love the hard work <3 Was merely curious if you could tell me how your work is going with the mobility reduction? I understand how its a tough thing to change without overnerfing or hitting it too little. Can't wait to see what kind of changes you bois come up with.

Looking in from the outside on that project it's looking pretty good

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Originally posted by Datmisty

Imagine a world where Ziggs can use his satchel offensively because it executes champions at or below 10% health :D That would be so cool : - )

It would be sick lol

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Originally posted by Arkaidan8

I just wanna be able to insec as Sett. That's all i am asking for

Have you tried prowler's claw?

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Originally posted by Syndracising

IIRC I read something about Riot looking into proplay bound champions this season. Is this still on the table or do I misremember something.

Also would Syndra be in there?

She likely would be on the short list