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Team BDS 1-0 Excel Esports

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Winner: Team BDS in 42m | MVP: NUCLEARINT

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
BDS kalista poppy draven gangplank braum 78.9k 27 10 H1 O3 H4 M5 M6 M8 B9 E10
XL gwen trundle yuumi leblanc jarvan iv 66.7k 10 4 I2 B7
BDS 27-10-65 vs 10-27-30 XL
Agresivoo ornn 2 4-3-11 TOP 4-5-5 3 gnar Finn
Cinkrof xin zhao 3 3-3-11 JNG 1-6-6 1 wukong Markoon
NUCLEARINT ahri 3 14-1-8 MID 1-5-7 2 taliyah Nukeduck
xMatty twitch 2 4-3-15 BOT 4-5-5 1 sivir Patrik
LIMIT renata glasc 1 2-0-20 SUP 0-6-7 4 bard Mikyx

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Originally posted by Slight_Acanthaceae50

"Ahri taunt lands." Ahri doesn't ave a taunt.
For f**ks sake if you are casting a pro game at least learn what abilities do.
That whole game the taunt line was grating beyond anything, you are not bronze, you are casting for tens of thousands of people there is no reason to make a mistake that bronze doesnt make.

Yeah sorry, not sure why that word was in my head. Will for sure not make the same mistake next time!

That was such a hard game to cast, the XL loss carries more implications but you can't focus on that while BDS are winning, couple that with two fairly poor performances and omg that was hard!

Originally posted by AWildRaticate

Casters acting like BDS was playing some amazing game there. Like nah, BDS was playing like absolute garbage aside from Nuclearint, but XL was playing like an actual dumpster fire rolling down a cliff. Both teams swirling down a bottomless toilet of bad decision making.

I mentioned this in another comment, but this type of game is actually super freaking hard to cast because ideally I wanna focus on the rammifications for XL because their story continues with playoff chances, but then focusing on XL at the expense of BDS isn't appropriate either. If we only focused on the problems and negatives it doesn't create an environment thats enjoyable to watch, so I for sure opted to 'celebrate' this positive moment for BDS and I recall saying several times late game, that this wasn't a good game and that XL are really struggling.

We could have for sure been more critical, but I don't think the viewing experience would have been improved and I didn't wanna disregard a surprise positive step for BDS.