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" Humanizing our solo queue experience: a thread 📷 After playing valorant for a month straight and coming back to league solo queue, one thing is for sure: league needs voice comms in solo queue. I think the first step to improving the toxicity is humanizing our experience. "

" Even when we are upset, when we understand clearly that the other player we are talking to is a human being and not just some pixels on a screen, we can be a lot more understanding in our response. "

" I will be making a more indepth video on this, but I think there has been a discussion on the toxicity aspect of league for far too long. I think we can all do better to focus more on thinking about and creating steps forward and solutions. "

" At its' heart, league is a competitive TEAM game. What made valorant solo queue so fun for me was that even with these 4 other strangers, I often felt like we were working together. I'd like to do what I can to recreate that in league, because those are my favorite moments "

Heres a response from a riot employe Joe White: https://twitter.com/HonestPillow/status/1632806512916836352

" I share this opinion but I don’t think it solves all behavioral issues and definitely introduces some new ones. Especially for women and POC who get unfairly targeted by simply participating in voice comms for example. "

As a csgo player myself, a game with voice chat, in cs i very rarely get someone that behaves toxic. Not everyone talks, and noone cares if they dont talk, if they play the game. Both flaming and trolling are way reduced there. In league, id say at least one player per match is typing bad words and you get someone running it down / giving up on the game after 10 minutes around every 3 games id say. Much is this comes from the lack of voicechat is my theory.

League also has the problem that its a very complex game that requires teamwork. Games are usually decided by which team has the worst player in it / if the player even tries to win the game. At latest with the addition of dragon souls, games are decided by playing for objectives. Coordinating objective fights without voice chat is pretty difficult it seems. Riot also noticed this and added "new communication methods" to league, a ping system noone uses and objective voting system noone uses aswell.

I play in a semi-competitive team in division 5 of the german Prime league. Oh boy is it so much better to play, since everyone is in voice chat. Theres no reason why the same couldnt be achieved in solo queue with voice, unless you want to argue that people queue up for solo queue to loose on purpose.

Only downside to voice chat i could see is, that female games and players with weird voices might get harrased. Unfortunatly, only solution is to use the mute button or not talk in voice chat for now.

People often claim that they dont want voice chat, since they will just get flamed in voice and that it impacts them more then if somebody types. For those people, muting is also a option but the existence of the mute button is a mystery to most players it seems.

To end this post of, a lot of people that never play / played other games then league see highlight clips of people flaming in voice (e.g. the cod kiddies or the famous "doorstuck" incident), but the reason they are highlights is, because it is far from the norm. Nowdays, every game has voice chat in it from the BR to tactical shooters to even other mobas (dota is only other moba still left). Riot even added voice to their other game Valorant, yet here we are after 13 years still not having at least the choice to use it. Those who dont want to engage in it, can still use the ping system for simple communication.

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I've written this before, but I am happy to write it again.

Femme people, folks with accents, folks who speak other languages, folks who do not want to speak, and some other cases I am not representing would be negatively impacted by any form of opt-out voice chat. It would also set expectations in a way that would cause issues for folks who chose not to engage.

When people are harassed on the basis of their identity, and voice is certainly a factor of identity as well as a lens into the rest of it, it can be especially hurtful. We are not willing to trade the tactical edge it gives players for that, full stop. A thing I'd love for people to consider is that even if they are personally positively impacted by a feature like this other players may be paying a very steep cost indeed for their good time.

In a world where there is highly effective, near instant moderation for this sort of thing we may consider it, but until then my recommendation is to use 3rd party tools or our native solution with a trusted group of friends.