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I have a bug on the PBE which prevents me from adding friends to my account or even joining groups.

Bug : my friends list goes on a loop, never updating. I can not access the store either.




I created my pbe account on April 13 from a League of Legends account which is not yet level 30 and which is not Honor 3. Could this have an impact on the fact that my friend list bug?

I have tried reinstalling the PBE before but it does not change my problem at all.

I also tried updating my computer's time set and restarting the PBE client but that did not solve the problem. But maybe I did this wrong and it would have worked but I did not succeed.

If one of you will have a solution, I am willing to finally be able to play with my friends on the pbe.

Thanks at all buddies ♥

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22 days ago - /u/Riot_Aotus - Direct link

Did this end up getting resolved?