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  • Start time reduced from 3:00 to 1:30
  • Window length increased from 30 seconds to 90

The inactivity detection should also be reduced from 180 seconds to 90 as well

Looks like they are finally fixing it.

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Originally posted by oioioi9537

What does it mean by window length? Is that the length of time that the vote is active or length of time you have to start a remake vote?

0:00 -> 1:30:

  • no /remake available
  • Tracks time that players are afk and/or DC'd

1:30 -> 3:00:

  • remake window open
  • during this window, if a player has been afk for 90 consecutive seconds OR disconnected for a total of 90 seconds (includes during the prior window), /remake becomes active

3:00 -> EOG:

  • remake window closed, but you will have a minimum of 30 seconds to initiate a vote, in the scenario that someone meets the conditions at 2:58 or something

all the other rules (first blood, etc.) still apply

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Originally posted by _Esdeath

What does this fix exactly? The other Nunu didn't move once for 3 minutes and the remake didn't show up. What's the difference if the timer is 90 seconds or 180? If the detection system is inherently flawed, changing timers won't change a thing.

This is mostly QOL to let you out of a match faster. System got rewritten to an extent as well which should make weird stuff with it less likely to happen, future issues easier to diagnose, and the general mechanics easier to adjust going forward. Fountain check is still to-do, may not be in this patch.

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Originally posted by A_Benched_Clown

How about activating it in aram ?

Been asked since start.

Unranked fun mod ISNT FUN 4v5

These rules are coming to ARAM too, forgot to mention that.

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Originally posted by Nicky-Santoro

What are the other rules like first blood?