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Thanks for bringing this up. We're going to be fixing it in 11.24.

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Which they usually ignore, so what's their loss?

Just because we don't respond does not mean we ignore it, we often get a lot of our bugs from reddit threads/comments. Its just no viable to respond to them all unless we need clarification or want to communicate something like in this instance.

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I'll bring this up since i have the chance: i've seen that you guys have fixed almost all warwick's bugs (many of them without even writing it in the patch notes, but i've noticed it anyway) and now he feels awesome to play. Sadly there is still a big one left: Infinity Duress's (R) hitbox starts from behind the champion. Because of this it's impossibile to disengage from a melee fight with it. Can you fix it?

Love yall and thanks so much

I am fairly sure this is intentional. A LOT (most?) Melee spells have very slight hitboxes behind the champion to account for when they are fighting point blank and champions/minions might wiggle around in that zone where they could be JUST in front of our JUST behind you. Unfortunately the side effect here is likely the situation you described, but I think having this occur rarely is better than say Warwicks commonly missing their R's on point blank targets because the hitbox isnt there

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While you’re at it I saw a post on the Twitchmains sub where lethal tempo outranges twitch ult causing it to easily miss when enemies are at the edge. I feel like the mechanic of his ult autos being able to miss is kind of outdated at this point, especially if they’re still in-line

We are also addressing this.

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The same thing happened with Twitch and now his aa don't even deal any damage anymore with ult at max range

Going to be fixing this too!

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Makes sense.

If you're taking down bugs, neeko w is still bugged with rageblade and does not get any benefit from the double hit passive.

I'll take a peek!