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Yuumi the cat

My names yuumi the cat watch me climb up on your back. Poke carries down faster than fakers ability to react. Got some haters thats a fact they cant handle my attacks. Mad cause they dont know how to basic lane harass.

Run it back yeah its fine cause i do this all the time. Save the carry every time. I should get my pay full time. Damn the jungler is mad he wanna do bad things to me, but he cant touch our lane when we powered by my zoomies.

On the prowl, hunting for some FISH. Give my carry 300 gold, you BISH.

Theres no choice when you're slowed, you can't trade blow for blow, extra Ad for the bros, bop and block with my autos. There's no choice, hear my voice when im screaming FINAL CHAPTER! When your whole teams rooted theres no HAPPY EVER AFTER! Since the lobby you can thank me cause im the finest DRAFTER. Assume that im the slave but I am everybodies MASTER.

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Clean bars bro consider me a fan