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Tomorrow morning, at 10:00AM PST (approximately twenty hours and forty-six minutes from now), North America will play in our very first match of Worlds 2021. As[1] is[2] tradition[3], I have prepared a few words. Now, if you would, please bow your heads, and repeat after me.


Our father above, who art in heaven this day,

We pray to you for the rise of NA.

100 Thieves, Cloud 9, and Team Liquid too,

I’m just praying that groups doesn’t end with me blue.

But no, dear lord, I will not despair,

Because this is our time to take what's been theirs.


We’ll bring 100 Thieves, but we only need five,

EDG and T1 desperate just to stay alive.

I pray for Closer popoffs, for Heartbreakers galore,

I pray that FBI comes to knock down the door.

I hope for a toplaner who’s got lane on lock;

(other teams, I dare you to give Ssumday the croc.)

Fakerdagge’s assassins will frighten and scare,

Plus, I just went to my fridge and I found Huhi there.


Team Liquid's aggressive, calculated at best,

And I pray to you, lord, that they might pass this test.

Santorin unleashed, fog of war holds no fear;

Alphari’s finally ready to GNAR! them this year.

Jensen’s unlocked, Realm Warp at the ready,

I don’t need Tactical rock solid, I just want him steady.

And finally, CoreJJ, to you I pray last;

Help turn “NA LUL” into a thing of the past.


And finally, Cloud 9, oft NA’s great hope,

I know that you’re not at the end of your rope.

Blabberfish is hungry, and I know Perkz is too,

I want a Kindred skin in Cloud 9’s white and blue.

Zven’s back on the big stage, Vulcan by his side,

Give me an Ezreal worthy of our region’s pride.

Fudge factor, it’s time, your moment is here,

Because as is tradition,

This year is our year.



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