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Don't get me wrong, they're very cute, and at first it gave me the nostalgic feeling of Feral flare. Plus I like the potential for viability in a starting item. The previous jungle items only changing smite was boring, and it's nice how it doesn't require extra gold or take up a late game item slot like the older items.

But I don't get the purpose of the actual pet model. I don't see how they couldn't achieve the same effect without needing a little creature following me around. I never notice the pet, unless I'm chasing down the enemy jungler and the pet lags behind them, which is purely a negative interaction imo.

Am I alone on this? Does everyone else secretly love having a lil frog friend following them around?

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Newer junglers playing the game don't understand why any of the wall of text mechanics on the previous jungle item work. It's easy to understand for people who've been playing for years, but it's a more intuitive metaphor for why things are happening for newer players.

Pet gives an understandable metaphor for why camps are getting damaged, why you get healed, why jgl gets bonuses from clearing camps and an understandable metaphor for why the unlocks happen when they do (evolution), catchup mechanics (pet is starving) rather than some arbitrary rules. For newer players, this is far easier to understand.

Plus it's just better fantasy and yeah the emotional support doesn't hurt 😊

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Originally posted by bigheadsfork

Ok but what new player is gonna read all that text and not be confused???

I've been playing since s6 and i haven't even touched jungle this season because I don't wanna read all that shit lol. Might as well shift click an ability and open a new website with that essay of words.

The goal is if you didn't read what it did and I were to ask you after the game what the pet was doing for you, you'd probably get about 60% of it. In the old jungle item, it'd probably be closer to 0-10%

We know new players don't really read. That's why the colors are red, green and blue and why many games piggyback on this color trichotomy

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Originally posted by Zerole00

The pet's a novelty and it's only a matter of time until Riot releases pet skins, but they have been known to hate money so who knows

The pet's probably a shoutout to when Sated Devourer was a thing too, ghost puppers was the only one on my team that I actually liked

We will not release skins for the pets. We have come out and said this previously.

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Originally posted by Zerole00

Why do you guys hate money?!

Releasing skins would mean that the mechanic must stay in the game for the rest of its existence, which isn't a commitment we want to make.