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Apparently kids in Korea can now choose to learn e-sports as their school subject.

A school in Korea chose to put E-sports in their curriculum for students to learn.

I know that most of you cant read Korean, will try to translate and elaborate


The title of the textbook can be read as "Highschool e-sports practices".


A part where the book explains what 'Skills' are, using Lux's skills as an example. The text under (2) tells you how you can have up to 18skill points. (3) explains champion positions with no.1 being 'Top Lane'. Examples used for Top Lane champions are Garen, Vladimir, and Camille.

The following lines are translated from the book word to word

  • It is hard for Garen to approach an enemy champion. Summoner spells must be used wisely.
  • Vladimir's skill "cooldown time" is shortened drastically per skill level. Buying CDR items will ultimately be the most effective build.
  • Camille can use her E skill, which are hooks, to grab on to walls and leap to enemy champions when an indicator is visible.

Seems lackluster, but it's trying to give vague examples of what champions go top lane I guess.



The Appendix shows that there's 4 chapters to the textbook.

The first chapter is, like many textbooks, the boring part. History of e-sports, its characteristics and so on. Second chapter's about the actual 'types' of e-sports, probably on different types of game tournaments and leagues? The third chapter is where the fun begins. Looks like the book focuses on League, PUBG, Starcraft (not even starcraft2), and FIFA, as the four main 'e-sports games'. It is not only until chapter 4 where you get to learn about the real e-sport part of e-sports, like going pro and so on.

Kids in Korea think this book is trash, being both boring and useless. Parents, of course, will be 100% against on their kids choosing this subject. Boomers and zoomers are both taken aback cuz people in their twenty-something never had this kind of education when they were in school.

It isn't a very conventional thing to have an 'e-sports class' even for Korea, but... it at least exists...? Cuz, Korea? Just wanted to share this to the English-speaking community I guess. Thought it was really interesting. Will try to answer any questions you guys have

edit: I got way more upvotes than I expected. So I looked into this a bit more. Sadly this was not available in every school. Instead it was a textbook made specifically for a single gaming school. So its more like the schools in Denmark and Finland as seen in the comments. The school is still a legit highschool tho.

I thought the subject was available in more schools, I was told so in the original Korean post, but it was not. I apologize for the misguiding info.

The truth made me sad tbh. Guess e-sports still isn't a thing. Even for Korea.

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Originally posted by blouthan20

This would actually be a great idea to teach kids about certain aspects of math.

My computer graphics professor in uni actually had league of legends questions in his final exam. Was pretty neat lmao, I can't actually access the old exam repo since I graduated though :(