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Hey so yesterday we won our clash games and got first place, but somehow didn't any rewards, so i decided to write riot about it, and this is what i've got. I'm just sharing this because maybe there are more people affected by it. ( sorry for my english.)


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Hey everyone, we've been looking into the problems with Clash over the weekend and are working to compensate those affected. There are two different things going on here - some folks had their tournaments or games fail to start, in which case they should automatically had their ticket refunded. Separately, people who did complete their Clash brackets either didn't receive rewards or might've been double rewarded. If you received double rewards those will be left alone, and if you didn't receive rewards we're trying to get those to you soon.

To clarify the player support response, it's suggesting that if you weren't able to complete a tournament due to an outage, you wouldn't receive rewards that you didn't earn. That's the default policy, but some of what happened here was different: players completed brackets but weren't rewarded for them, which is a different error. This was an unusual circumstance, and often when something like this happens player support isn't pre-empowered to issue or promise compensation, so we're working to make what happened this weekend right.

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Originally posted by WoonStruck

Waiting for the "Riot planted this bug so they could pretend to not care then fix it so they can say 'see we're listening'" conspiracy post.

idk if I'd have a job if I suggested we do something like this lol

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Originally posted by TheRipperH

Exactly bro! I feel u. Same happened to us. I tried sooooo hard to at least convinced 2 of my friends to go for clash. We are low elo so they didnt see us winning. Unexpectedly we won two round and nearly won final. So excited to get rewards specially it was our first clash but it seems riot is saying we wasted our time and effort. Really f**king frustrating

Sorry, that is a really rough experience for your first clash :(. We're working to get ya those rewards.

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Originally posted by viptenchou

I read it as, some rioters are trying to see if they can get the rewards but the official statement is no rewards.

This is the official statement, we are working to get participants their rewards.

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Originally posted by 1to0

On the other hand isnt there someones whole job at Riot coordinating in-house league of legend games?


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