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I feel like Arcane (and Runeterra) help a ton with the world building and lore, but how do you think the gameplay will be like. More WoW/Final Fantasy like, similiar to Ultima Online or like League in 3d with skills from the game (Smite/Guild Wars)?

Map how the regions might look like


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I'm personally of the other side of the spectrum on this. Depending on their release timetable I'd love for them to usher in the new age of gaming and go for a VR MMO. This is if they are on a 5+ year development cycle (from now not inception of their project), hardware for it will become more common which would aid accessibility. It will literally also be a new gaming paradigm they would create to be the leader in the next generation of gaming platforms (VR). I think why push out into a crowded space when you can reshape the entire MMO industry and be the market leader for PC, mobile, and VR gaming across multiple genres.

Speaking as a player of VR games and not as a Rioter here (I am not working on the MMO, in charge of any game development, or indeed working on any game), I don't personally feel like VR is mature enough or accessible enough for an MMO yet. We're barely seeing companies investing in (triple A) single player experiences. The hardware to have a competent VR game is still really expensive, with the only alternatives being things like the Oculus Quest with onboard hardware, subsidized by ads. That, and there's a pretty heavy space requirement too.

I would love to see a VR MMO (Though, a VR MMO would likely have to be substantially different from what we consider normal MMOs to be like), but I think it's got quite a way to go before we start seeing triple A multiplayer games on VR, let alone massive multiplayer ones. I'd also be really interested to see what a control scheme in a VR MMO would look like, given that MMOs tend to typically have many more buttons to press than standard controllers have. Some VR games are experimenting on this with gestures but many MMOs require the ability to press buttons faster than you could possibly perform gestures. Imagine drinking a potion while activating a buff and then performing a combo in the real world in the space of a GCD, which in something like WoW is three button presses in <1.5s. And that's without getting into targeting reticules.

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I agree with you regarding Accessibility/Cost, etc, but there already VR MMOs (tho not insanely fleshed out) like Zenith and OrbusVR :)

I'm going to have to try Orbus, Zenith doesn't appear to be out just yet

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I would hate that! Not due to just cost by then finished with uni and should be able to afford it as long as my lol skin addiction does ruin me. But just the idea of gaming in VR sounds annoying and too much an effort, for something I do to relax. Also let's be honest we are no where near full MMORPG based on VR.

But just the idea of gaming in VR sounds annoying and too much an effort, for something I do to relax

This is how I felt when I first got VR but you get used to it, and then you realise that it's a lot of fun, allows you to interact with virtual worlds in a really unique way and you are exercising while doing it. Besides, not every game has to be super intense physical activity (see: No Man's Sky).

There are some games which are just fun fencing/combat simulators like Until You Fall and Blade & Sorcery, which are very strenuous. And then there are others like The Wizards: Dark Times which are more storybased with limited combat which isn't nearly as energetic.

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I think in the coming years we'll see less hardware-focused VR sets and more streaming-based ones. If cloud VR ever becomes a thing, I think a large majority of the population will have access to it.

and more streaming-based ones.

I would not be surprised if that's the case, but I hope not

Streaming-based games comes at the expense of "owning" the hardware, which means you tend to get ads shoved into it (hi oculus!)