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Champion Roadmap

Guess they posted it early.

TLDR: Dr.Mundo is nearly done, preview images of 2 best skins; Yordle got delayed, her design is now a traditional mage instead; Sentinel of Light will come first, and it's a midlane ADC; early concepts of Udyr; New teaser of the botlane ADC which looks like Zaun related.

Edit: For the teaser they used the term "the toughest race of Runeterra" along with the ADC, from the wording I don't know if it's an extra description of the ADC or it's for another champion which will be support.

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Originally posted by Rechulas

me, super excited for Mundo news and Roadmaps

"Oh I can't wait to look at this!"

Me, in my excitement forgetting that I can't read Chinese

"Oh. Right."

Images are super cool, though. The "Deity Invoker" Udyr looks f**king rad.

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