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How can they even be called "events" in the first place? When you really think about it, It's only a new or recurring skin line getting released and nothing else.

Before, the term "event" used to mean soo much more, like a limited rift skin, or a new gamemode, something extra and special.

Now it just feels like "Oh, Halloween is soon coming up, let's make some skins and call it a day."

A lot of the times they seem to claim that there hasn't been enough time, yet somehow they still have a much larger team and thus more resources to work with than before (When they actually released much more enthusiastic and engaging content.) And this is exactly why I do not how they can underperform this badly compared to previous years.

It seems as though they've put themselves in the low effort-high reward chain. And the people who are allowing them to stay in that comfy spot is us, the consumers, constantly buying into their shenanigans.

Just look at last year; Neither did we get nexus blitz which was promised by themselves, neither did they even bother to release a winter theemed map, but they also cut down a whole lot on this year's cinematic.

As long as they keep making ridiculous amounts of money, there's no reason for them to invest any larger sum. This would explain them not investing anything into making the game more exciting. After all, what drives a company is solely one thing. Profit.

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We're working on something special for one of our summer events this year. It's not a visual novel.

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Originally posted by iUptvote

Wow, another visual novel nobody will care about or read and will somehow piss off the few people who pay attention to League Lore.

Oh boy, I cannot wait. /s

Read what I wrote. It's not a visual novel.

We hear you.

Aware that some events do not contain the level of novelty/excitement that they could at the moment. We are working on some short and long term investments to improve the quality of them going forward. This will involve more immersive experiences, changes to our event structures, and yes even modes.

I am not directly on the Moments team (They produce our events) or the Modes team (they make...the modes), but I've seen and played some of what they have planned and I'm pretty excited as a player. Best I can do is let you know that we're going to continue to fight with all of our souls to make the coolest stuff we can for y'all.

To cap it off I'll reiterate what Meddler/Brightmoon have said: Its going to be actions, not words that earn your trust back. You can and should continue to respectfully let us know where we have and have not hit the mark.