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Stirring Wardstone presently costs 1100 gold and each control ward is 75 gold. The ability to stack three control wards is pretty bomb diggity, but not only did it delete the control wards, but there was no undo button, so it looks like you can only sell the Stirring Wardstone. Gold is hard to get, so my soul wept when they uselessly disappeared.

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Can you pass me the reproduction steps for this? It should remove the control wards in your inventory but grant the equivalent stacks on the wardstone. If you wouldn't mind checking the replay, that would be great, thanks.

EDIT: Figured it out, thanks everyone

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Originally posted by h20lover

I'm sorry, but the replay has expired. :c I'm Celestial Fire, if you guys have longer access to the replays. It'll be the first Janna game for today. But this has happened multiple times so far.

  1. Have control wards in inventory.
  2. Buy Stirring Wardstone.

Regardless of whether I have an additional slot or not, the control wards would get deleted. :c

I'll take a look at it, thanks

EDIT: Figured it out, thanks everyone

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If anyone else runs into this, please DM me the game that it occurred and your summ name/server. TY

EDIT: Figured it out, thanks everyone

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Originally posted by EuG_GreeD

Not sure if you know it but its not only having pink wards and buying t1 supp pink item. If you have t1 with wards inside and u upgrade it by placing normal wards u also lose ur pinks. Same way if u have t2 with pinks and u upgrade to t3.

I had this in pbe too but thought it would get fixed

do you have any evidence/replay of this? I cannot reproduce it.

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