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You can now actually throw a poro-snax to the closest poro! All the VFXs about poro feeding have been cleaned up and modernized, including their explosion!

The Snowball Summoner Spell has also been cleaned up. It should feel a bit more modern and readable. Hitting and missing are now two different effects, to make sure you know when you hit. And there's now a slight reactivation effect above the tagged target once you start dashing.

Relics have been cleaned up a bit, removing some very old healing assets.

And another small change: the respawn effect. It was previously using a hardcoded, very old blue streak effect. They’ve made a new one that should feel a bit more modern.

Full list of changes with pictures

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Originally posted by Martin_TF141

That honestly might be the actual hitbox, they just made it bigger to match.

The hitbox is still slightly bigger than the snowball itself. The little windy particle around it is closer to the actual hitbox.

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Originally posted by singlereject

Nice to see you here sirhaian. Been a big fan since you were just a small youtuber showing off his custom skins. Cool to see you updating every outdated looking VFX in the game on your own free time!

I actually made my own list of champions whose VFX need to be updated and that list has been knocked down from over 30 champions just 3 years ago to now just (Draven, Elise, Orianna, Vayne, Vi). It’s fantastic to see the visible progress you have brought to the VFX team over at riot

We also have a list of champs we'd like to update. There are still many! :D

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Originally posted by Community_Correct

What, give akali +20/-20 damage dealt/taken buff?

pls don't remind me that's a thing, it's giving me nightmares

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Originally posted by zoewarner

TY for the ARAM love - any amount is appreciated.

ARAM is the best mode. <3

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Originally posted by TheDanishPencil

  👄 Then fix it plz


if it was in my power, akali would have been deleted from the entire game a long time ago <3 <3 <3

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Originally posted by Chewie_i

But. But. You’re a VFX artist wdym you don’t control balance changes, champion design, matchmaking, and the client????

ikr :(

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Originally posted by RubRepresentative577

Sure, but bring back twisted treeline

i just want dominion back :(

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