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Played a game just now where Kai'Sa would play her death audio SUPER loud a-la that one Warwick glitch from a while back, except it plays seemingly randomly and centered on some champions instead of her, even when you have no vision of her.

Has anyone else experienced this recently or am I just going insane?

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18 days ago - /u/RiotKDan - Direct link

That's super strange! Thanks for bringing up this issue. I don't know what might be causing it but we'll take a look into this on Monday! :)

18 days ago - /u/RiotKDan - Direct link

Originally posted by marmoshet

I hope you guys don't remove it. It's funny as f**k

As much as we want to keep funny bugs like this, I would think it gets annoying after a game or two like this, and it gets in the way of competitiveness of the game. We especially wouldn't want this bug to happen during Worlds!

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