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Tim on Twitter: "Some Fighter item changes hitting PBE today (tuning still TBD). A lot to unpack here so let's break down the goals https://t.co/80Dn855NBZ" / Twitter

Riot is finally telling us how 13.2 will be shaped to some degree and in my opinion, it looks a lot better. Not perfect, but they tackle a lot of OV and replace AH on a few items.

Also a BoRK nerf, and not a small one. The proc starting to be 40 from lvl 1-9 is large, lowering it from 91 to 40 at lvl 9, which is pretty much when you get the item. On top of that a +50% CD. And as the proc is on-hit, it procs life steal, so a tick less sustain.

I am only concerned about BC. The item is underrated and the buffs look pretty strong for it.

Mythic > BC > Spear every game.


Ton more changes to GW items. you can find them in this post:

PBE datamine 2023 January 13 (patch 13.2): lots of changes for vamp items as well as Grievous Wounds : leagueoflegends (reddit.com)

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The audacity to say Tim instead of Mr. XY

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Originally posted by ADeadMansName

13.2 will have a lot of overall changes that impact the game a lot due to it being item changes.

Sustain and AH bruiser item changes.

GW item changes.

Oh and there's more. :)

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Originally posted by ThisIsSnake

Can I guess ? Shieldbow to legendary and a new mythic ? Blood thirster maybe ?

Long term I want to get Shieldbow to legendary if a good idea pans out.

Generally, moving around whole item systems is not something that happens in a week and a half.

I'm still pretty happy with how 13.2 is shipping. I'll probably post about it tomorrow.

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Originally posted by A_Very_Horny_Zed

Are you partly responsible for the AD item changes? Not to stroke your ego but they're all good changes. Hoping to see Lethality items not be dog some time soon, feels bad that they were forgotten during this preseason's big shake-up.

Have crit items hit PBE yet? I only submitted them to PBE this afternoon so IDK when they reach y'all.

Essence Reaver was someone else as were the fighter items that this thread is about.

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Originally posted by iDobleC

Are you currently working with items only? Or are there any other projects that you'll be working on? Hope that the new job is going well and Idk if this feedback is useful but if you guys could add a lil bit more "oomph" to Evenshroud I would love you all!

ADC changes for next patch have some systems changes and some light champion buffs (don't get your hopes up on the champion stuff, it's small). In general, tactics are going to be up to the designer. I really like systems stuff so I gravitate there naturally. Could be a weakness, could be that it's frequently the right place.