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Hello everyone! I have been mulling over this for awhile and I wanted to voice my views on the new Chemtech Dragon here on Reddit.

Here are a few key points:

  1. Chemtech Dragon reduces brushes in the jungle to 2. (Per side of the map) while Infernal Dragon only reduces brushes in the jungle to 6 (Per side of the map).

  2. The most successful iterations of Rengar are junglers, or Bruiser top laners.

  3. There is no other champion in the game that requires a geographic feature of the map to farm.

  4. A form of RNG that puts a specific champion at such a major disadvantage shouldn't be in the game.

I've been a Rengar player for 8 years, and peaked at D1. I'm not great, but I know when something is wrong with my favorite champion.

It is such an incredibly massive disadvantage that I would argue it makes the game unplayable for the team who has Rengar (this is especially true if you are behind on Rengar).

Rengar is an excellent early game snowballing champion, who relies heavily on brushes to manipulate his positioning in a teamfight. He also relies on these brushes to farm his jungle camps.

While other junglers are able to spam their abilities to take camps, Rengar needs brushes to effectively maneuver around the jungle and use his empowered abilities.

Aside from his ultimate ability, Rengar has absolutely no other forms of movement if no brush is available.

This would not be as much of an issue if you are playing a oneshot assassin type build. This is because you can build the new item, Axiom Arc. Which effectively reduces your ult CD to half its original time.


I am a top lane Rengar player who heavily relies on durability and tank items. This means my goal is to play a longer team fight/skirmish. The main way for this playstyle to be successful is to utilize brushes and mental games to maneuver around enemies sightlines. Getting on top of carries while they are mispositioned, and dueling it out.

This is literally impossible in the jungle, while the Chemtech Map is active.

This is the equivalent of taking away Camille's E, or Kassadin's R.

Such an integral part of your favorite character is just, poof gone because of RNG.

What do you all think? I will happily discuss this with anyone.

Thank you all!

GLHF Summoners!

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18 days ago - /u/GalaxySmash - Direct link

We are investigating solutions to this issue currently. I have no promises and nothing to share, but we would like to address this pain point without significantly altering his core bush/gameplay pattern.

16 days ago - /u/GalaxySmash - Direct link

Originally posted by TreeKeeper15

Maokai also feels really bad on the Chemtech rift for the same reason.

Theres a few champions that interact with bushes that have this problem. Some might be worth addressing, and some not. We will keep an eye on it but currently Rengar is the only one we have on our radar for potential changes.