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There is no info that this item is removed yet I can't find it in store. Is this just a bug? Or was there game breaking bug again?

EDIT: Found article about this is the reason " According to multiple players, purchasing Wardstone causes them to lose the 1100 Gold it costs, but instead of getting an item they get... nothing. Any control wards they had previously will also disappear. This bug was noted by multiple players and it seems Riot doesn't have a fix for this yet, so they're going to disable the item until they figure out how to change these issues.  "

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Originally posted by Wolgran

I actually feel bad for rioters who try to engage or just inform the community.

Oh I can’t use Twitter anymore. It’s just random people tagging me in their random discussions like I’m going to read some flamey 12-post discussion around some random champion matchup.

Sucks cuz it hurts everyone who engages in good faith.

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Isn't like that on every social media though? I understand most don't have the pure flame and hatred twitter has, but unfortunely it's only a matter of time for that kind of content to change to platforms that are growing in visibility.

For example, I used to use a portuguese football subreddit, the community was great and now is infested with toxicity due it's growth. Even here on lol subreddit, if you aren't a "famous" guy, you end up being straight up downvoted if your opinion is controversial. I miss the times when you could engage freely with others with different opinions without that stupid toxicity.

Eh, Reddit feels much more usable because there's at least some level of curation outside of "They wrote @RiotPhreak at some point before flaming someone else on the site"