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Kinda feel like I should just quit this game, I like the game a lot but it just feels so disheartening playing it. I lose every match I play really bad and I just can't figure out what I'm doing so wrong, basically feels like every single person I play against kills me in 2 sec and I can only kill people extremely rarely if I get lucky.

It's rare for me to have over 2-3 kills in any match, and equally as rare for me to have < 7 deaths. I've watched a lot of videos and stuff at this point, I just can't exactly figure out what I'm doing so wrong, but clearly I am.

Is this game just too far gone for new players and I should maybe just find another game?

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Probably the best advice I can give is keep trying different champions until you find one that grabs you. Maybe it’s the kit, maybe it’s how they look, maybe it’s how you feel playing them, whatever it is find the champion that clicks with you.

Once you find that champ them spend more time going deeper. Check out guides, see what people build and what abilities they max, read different peoples opinions and strategies on how to play as and against.

As you play and master one champ, you learn not only how to play effectively but you also learn different match ups and which ones are easier or harder for you.

If you get to a point where you’re plateauing, learning a new champion or playing a role that’s on a different part of a map are always great vectors to improving game knowledge. (Ex: Playing top lane you learn how influential a kinglets ganks can be. Playing jungle you learn how much it helps if your mid layer roams to help with scuttles. Playing mid you learn how easy it is to roam bot or top. Playing bot you learn how strong a teleport gank from top can be. It goes on.)

In any case, find something that’s fun for you and go ham. Welcome to League. :)

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Check out Wild Rift - can help teach some of the concepts too

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Hey, what happened to the promised Fiddle skin from the start of the year? :C

Unfortunately due to some roadmap shuffling, we had to move our Fiddlesticks skin out to 2022. We promised this year and we fell short. Apologies but promise we're working hard to make sure his next skin is different from his current catalog.