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Basically the title, is so frustrating to see on chat "Allies" speaking but having to go and check where every ally is playing every time they speak. It should have the position besides their ally number. For example:

Ally 1 (Midlaner): i'll go annie ad
Ally 2 (Botlane): amazing, i'll go illaoi ap
Ally 1 (Midlaner): nice pick, meta right now in South Sudan
Ally 3 (Support): what is love?

And so on...

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Originally posted by BrotherZael

That thread is such a shit show. How about just keep summoner names like it’s been for 11 years. The rioter is making every excuse possible to justify removing names and replacing it with “gromp scuttle wolves” like dude is this a f**king comp game or roblox

Comp, and we want the skill you compete on to be in game skill, not when-do-I-dodge.

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Originally posted by Dann93

Makes completely sense, but dodging the 10 games inting streak Fiora was necessary when the 10 games inting streak Fiora kept going ahead unscathed.

Yes, big agree that it's important we appropriately action on folks who are inting, because those folks will keep queuing whether they're able to be scouted/dodged or not in a specific game (and will eventually find one), so unless they're actioned on they'll keep ruining games.

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Originally posted by ApolloFortyNine

Isn't this really on you (Riot)?

You have the power to raise the dodge penalty all on your own.

Course maybe the client still randomly not letting you pick a champion sometimes makes you afraid to really raise the punishment to something substantial?

We recognize that there are still some legitimate reasons to dodge, so anonymity leaves those open (irl emergency, champ select technical failure) while lowering the frequency of the ones that are competitively oriented and also heading off some unnecessarily negative interactions in champ select. We also didn't see tooooo much of a change in behavior/sentiment last time we increased dodge penalties, so are trying a different tactic here. Could try raising them in the future, some folks also have multiple accounts etc. that make these penalties less relevant for them no matter what they are.

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Originally posted by Minishcap1

if thats the case then can we make autofill parity actually work in high elo? Sucks when my team has autofill jungle or support and the enemy team has autofill top lane so we just auto-lose

Ranks where this is most valuable are also the lowest population which makes it the hardest to to :P. We did some changes earlier this year that got us "free"ish wins, but for more it's likely we'd have to decide what tradeoffs we'd made. This is very very hypothetical, but curious which of these options would appeal more to you:

  • today's state
  • 3x or more queue times but guarantee all primary
  • same queue times, get primary only around 50% of your games and every other role has parity in secondary/autofill
  • same queue times, all onrole but low diamond-challenger can all be in the same game (assume team vs team mmr would be balanced)
  • make matches we know are unbalanced but guarantee role parity

Are examples of options, pretty much anything we would do here has some tradeoff of queue time/primary assignment rate/mmr balance/role parity.

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Originally posted by Excalidorito

Okay but serious question, is naming your allies after jungle camps actually happening or not?

The tweet seems borderline like a shitpost but the idea makes me laugh so much that I actually want it

Yes it is actually happening :D