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With Syndra being in the spotlight right now this would be the best time to get some much needed attention on a bug that has been in the game for years and can sometimes result in you getting killed.

Syndra has a current bug where she can get minionblocked by her very own spheres that are rotating arround her. This can happen anytime and can result in you getting completely stuck near terrain and towers.

Step 1: Pick Syndra
Step 2: Move



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While this visually looks like Syndra is getting moved, she is actually moving in a straight line still. Her gameplay is unaffected, this is entirely visual.

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Originally posted by MerryOtaku

So if it's a visual issue, can't it be resolved?

Of course. I never said we wouldn't try to fix it. I would not expect a fix to ship with this midscope, but we will be investigating in subsequent patches.

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Originally posted by MerryOtaku

Ah okay. Didn't mean for it to come off as harsh or anything, but I'm glad that it is something that could be looked into in the future

No worries :D