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Phreaks push for much needed changes (like reassessing the powerful state of bruisers, making adc itemisation more accessible and logical) is so nice to see + his hyper transparency going along with it feels like the breath of fresh air the balance team really needed (as blogpost and random videos sometimes don’t quite cut it, especially when it comes to details with many, sometimes confusing decisions in the past).

I was a big Phreak critic in the past (I remember his early casting, aswell as sometimes feeling like his public personality was not helping!), so it’s just so funny to me that this now seems to be happening.

I might be counting chickens before they hatch, but I just sincerely hope that this projected shake-up brings the changes the community has long been asking for.

Long time lurker, first time poster btw, so this might actually mean something.

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To be clear I had no hand in fighter stuff.

I do really appreciate the sentiment. But I’ve been at the job for exactly nine work days. Let’s just see how it goes. Can’t wait for Gangplank to single-handedly (that’s a pun) define the patch and the next thread becomes “Phreak is the worst thing to happen to League of Legends.”