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The company has failed to explain us how the matchmaking on this weekend's ARAM clash is going to be handled

To my worst fear, it seems to be clash team tiers https://imgur.com/a/P33LZ0W (screenshot taken by me)

There is no way I'm tier 1 in ARAM, I'm mechanically deficient at the game. I abused Janna, Lulu and Renata into high elo this season and on my clash tournaments to place high or win most of them.

I really wanted to play ARAMs with my actual friends who are all Tier 4 and the "best" of them is the only tier 3

I find it to be a very unfair way to fix these matches since I'm pretty mediocre at best with 95% of the roster and only 1 team member is needed for the entire team to be thrown into tier 1 queue... The ARAM clash should consider ARAM elo (it actually exists) for the matchmaking in my opinion

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This Clash does use ARAM MMR. Someone else in the thread mentioned restarting your client/remaking your team for an update if it's showing incorrectly?