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"In Patch 2.5 in October, we'll be adding some tweaks to Thresh's collection page model to match his appearance in A Night At The Inn. All that torment takes a toll, y'know."

"We'll be releasing changes to Unbound Thresh on League of Legends as well!"

Very good changes, hope the Splash Art gets tweaked as well!

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Also, here is a preview of the updated Splash art


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Originally posted by Nevran

Real talk, I think the thing that made unbound thresh feel off is just the splash art. Young face and the spectral ABS made him feel very off, add to that the model of thresh being very old and not allowing for a clean skin on LoL compared to wildrift and it made it feel underwhelming.

I feel that they should tweek his splash art again, I know people love to pretend pilosity is something dear to their heart but making him looking older/rougher would be perfect to make him less "Spectral spirit blossom" like.

Your in luck, we are tweaking the splash. Here is a preview


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Originally posted by RenegadeExiled

so, are you going to make the skin obtainable again? I passed on it because I couldn't stand how it looked, but now it's an alright skin. pretty shitty if we cant get it without rolling Shards now, just because the original design was bad

yes, it should be in the store to buy in a patch or 2 I believe