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i dont understand how they think that horrible doombots is better than the original one, really...

And no ascension, they really did delete all dominion files from the game didnt they?

Ah, that was an mistake on our part with the article. Where we're referencing Doom Bots of Doom, that was intended to be just Doom Bots (incl. Doom Bots of Doom).

The original doom boots better fits our current understanding of what may make a mode continue to be engaging. Though, it has issues (cheesing the AI to such an extent that the mode is trivialized) that I also believe was correct in Doom Bots of Doom to try to address. I believe if we return to the Doom Bots space, we'd still need to readdress that issue.

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please remove jungle in ultimate spellbook and just make it like the other modes where you just go 2 people top. jungling in a fun mode feels so bad, it would be way better than trying to get smite as a third spell of some sorts

The existence of jungling on USB (Ultimate Spellbook) is a rough point to navigate. We explored versions with and without jungling, and different variations of what jungling could be throughout development. The mode without jungling is a pretttttyyyyy painful experience. :(

So, some things that set USB apart from URF and OFA: USB has an intentionally longer laning phase than either of those two modes. Or, it's more accurate to say, URF and OFA have a faster laning phase, intentionally. Those modes only have a faster laning phase because matchup differentials are extreme and if the laning phase doesn't break down quickly, then you get trapped in a pretty miserable experience in some matchups for MUCH too long.

But with USB, we don't hit that problem to the same degree. Even more so, we found that there was actually a lot of enjoyment to be had from getting to figure out how to use (and abuse) your extra ultimate in lane and - especially - pre-6. And there's other benefits to, since the ultimate is important before team fights become a regular occurrence, it means that ultimates that are NOT team fight ultimates can actually have purpose and feel valuable.

So, what does the whole "actual laning phase" thing mean for the jungle? Well, when you remove the jungle from SR (/ USB), a rather significant play pattern shift occurs. Laners will push further, tower dive more, and basically do everything that they can to capitalize on advantage without worry about overextending. As a result, games end up being decided and then feeling trapped from a VERY early point in time, much MUCH more often than what happens on live. The jungle, by simply existing, improves the experience of laning many times over.

Worse, in USB, that fundamental issue with a lack of jungle is exacerbated. Due to the high kill potential (and dive enablement) of the added ults, having the jungle pressure against overextending is critical. We do do other changes in USB to also help this window (everyone gets extra base health in USB, for example), but having the Jungle around has simply been the most effective tool for this problem space.