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Imagine how incredible it would be if instead of producing one for a bubbly, vaguely-disrespectful popstar, Riot diverted time and money to advertising a fake Twitter for Vex.

It would be so fun to witness Vex vagueposting up a storm, just tweet after tweet of:

"So tired of this sh*t. Everyone's got a knife aimed at my back. Going private."

"Commissioned my pony OC. Not shown but their cutie-mark is a skull and their parents are dead."

"Shadows follow me wherever I go... I'm haunted, and you will be haunted to by being friends with me. Just. Stay. Away."

"Check out this song I like, it's by Panic At the Disco and it's about a ruined wedding..."

"Witchtok has been so trite lately. Lots of poseurs."

"Once again my evil witch of a mom is monopolizing my free time by taking us on a trip up to the Summer Home. FM my Fing L."

"Wake me up inside."

Right before the champion's release, Vex could have taken on a black avatar. This would have been thousands times more resonant with younger audiences.

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Originally posted by Darknevoir

All that team would've had to have done was unearth their dusty forum posts from when they were teenagers and then tweet them. No additional work required.

I mean, you're not wrong...

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Originally posted by MoreBasedGigaChad

Can you do like 6 months of not making generic anime girls/boys? I'm not sure if the people capable of that even work at rito anymore

RemindMe! 6 Months

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Originally posted by bz6

Riot Axes: Bet


Na but for real, look at this wholesome? Reaction to a champion that isn’t a copy paste to appeal to China aesthetic. Speaks volumes. Anyways, with the new legislation limiting hours for teenagers game time in China can we stop bending the knee? πŸ˜… We know what the artists are capable of and besides the disposable lore, we know how creative the art team is and we want them unshackled.


It was never driven by China the way you're suggesting. These aesthetics resonate with large numbers of players in all regions. We will certainly do more of them. They just shouldn't be all that we make.

Slightly concerning that so many different aesthetics get lumped together as 'anime' as a catch-all, by the way. Akshan, Rell, Samira, and Lillia certainly are not anime visual designs; Gwen has some anime influence but a lot of influences that aren't anime. It sometimes seems like "anime" in this context just means "conventionally attractive" + "it didn't resonate with me personally".

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Originally posted by Spideraxe30

Hey Axes, are you able to share some info about Sett's dev, since I recall you owned him before moving to TFT

What do you want to know?

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Originally posted by ShadedOffline

I agree with you, however I have a theory that Seraphine was a Marketing department idea and they forced you guys to make a champion to sell skins in two weeks, so you had sona's rework laying around and were like "welp, this could work I guess". Then hired an intern to write her story and he was paid in redbull. That would explain the abomination to storytelling and character design that champion is.

rant over.

theory that Seraphine was a Marketing department idea

I realize that nothing I can say is going to convince you here, but Seraphine was an authentic character first. She was most certainly not created as a marketing stunt or a skins vehicle.

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Originally posted by Spideraxe30

I'd love to know what was his primary gameplay hook, since he seems like a relatively tame and simplistic release as well as how did you guys come upon the idea for Grit, since it's been a while since a new resource was made


He started as "Grappler" and as a designed Juggernaut (we hadn't done a new Juggernaut since Darius except Illaoi, whose gameplay hits on fairly different hooks and resonates with a bit different audience). That also informed the desire to keep him simple to play, and the contrast with some of the releases around him - he was the champ after Aphelios - made a simple champ especially desirable.

Early explorations focused on ways to have him grab, throw, and chain combos together. When it became clear that that champion was a tank, not even really a hybrid juggernaut, he pivoted towards street-fighting style mixed martial arts (still a bit grappler but a lot more punching). This dovetailed nicely with his c*cky, arrogant personality, which then informed what I'd say is his elevator pitch - "Strong, arrogant fighter who is going to let you hit him first because he's so confident that he can afford to give you the first swing." If Pantheon is all about courage, Sett is all about arrogance.

Grit was born of the need to create a whole system to let his W have real gameplay around things like slow rolling your damage to Sett, visualizing that clearly, etc. Basically a tactical solution to some of the design challenges posed by Haymaker.

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Originally posted by Sona_Legendarius


I agree that characters like Akshan and Rell have nothing to do with anime. Honestly, I dislike when people mention anime because it distracts from this point: "conventionally attractive". That's because, bar a few exceptions, characters of recent years were attractive. This was mentioned in the famous blog Of Men and Monsters.

I understand they drive engagement, but... like sure they do, but it does not mean this is how design should operate. Sure, I'll buy a sexy character and play her/him, but does it mean to make things change I have to drop them? Because my engagement for those characters might be, say, 7 out of 10, but when someone else, with more unconventional design comes, it'll be 10 out of 10.

Should the game really be about engaging as many people as possible even if for most it is 7 out of 10 instead of choosing groups (however small) of players where it'd be 10 out of 10 even if for many it'll be just 3 out of 10?

Like, for example, I will engage much more with a character in a gown (like Sona) over any mini-skirt/tight pants one, even if I will still play sexy ones given no other choice. I'll choose a character with a realistic armor anytime instead of with a boob-plate and exposed thighs.

And what about giving people characters that resonate specifically with them? Like those who are slightly overweight or have an unattractive face or old? Like, sorry if it sounds a bit too much, but with attractive characters it really comes close to the reasoning: "most people engage the most with white characters so no need to give diverse characters any representation, cause engagement will be less."

Sorry for the rant, but I feel like design (as an actual art form) deserves more than a generic appeal.

Fair enough. We do have a young/conventionally attractive champion coming up, but I think the next 6 months - and honestly, the whole next year - strike a pretty good balance. I'm happy with each individual piece of content the team has put out, but we're looking to bring a bit more balance to things from a more holistic view.