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Originally posted by cimbalino

So each band is an origin? That's actually super cool I'll have to give it a try

Shameless plug for the dev drop that gives a behind-the-scenes look at the music composition process!

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If we are getting this for all eight players in a TFT game with their own remixes, can we once again allow DJ Sona to actually be a valid Ultimate Skin, and revert the changes made to it shortly after it’s launch?

We were told Her remixing of music was removed because lower end hardware was struggling with it when multiple other ultimate skins were in the game. And now that Vex increased the base requirements this shouldn’t be a problem, especially when we’re actively getting her mixing of music in TFT but more complex, and DJ Sona is even being featured as a prominent portion of Remix Rumble.

You are preaching to the choir. Over 400k mastery on Sona T_T

I can bring it up to the team to see if it's on their radar, but no promises.