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Im a bit confused as to why the mythic shop rotation is so secretive this time lol

It's not secretive it's just scheduled a little weird due to a holiday causing a short work week on top of summer break next week for us.

It should be up by July 9th.

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New Reroll-to- Bench Cooldown: Previously, if players rerolled their champion, then their previous champion could be picked by their teammates immediately. Now, your rerolled champion will have a three second “bench cooldown” for your teammates, meaning they will be unable to pick said champion and you can get them back without any stress. Goodbye bench sniping minigame! This change won't impact any of the existing swap-with-bench behavior as it focuses on rerolling, meaning if you swap with a bench champion, your teammate will still be able to pick the champion you gave up immediately.


Happy to help :D