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Pretty interesting, some points that interest me or was sort of obvious but stated from first ~20 mins:

(first 20 may edit if not lazy):
-15 to 20 ppl on the balance team, sometimes 10-15, data oriented obviously (data for fun factor plz 😎)
-a champ is not strong in any skill bracket = buff but strong in any 1 = nerf also strong/weak vary by their skill brackets
-looks at Win and Ban rate, mastery data and riot has an understanding of how a champ is balanced or not at various skill levels and such
-everyone on balance at least multi season diamond
-at least 2 ppl per role and they put forth a list of champs that need to be buffed/nerfed
-aggregation of data from all the regions, China has some weird trends the team hasn’t really understood yet
-certain champs tilt players in regions differently (yuumi Korea and yasuo in China aren’t nearly as bad as NA salt against both)
-item wise before they nerf the item cuz it’s strong but now consider fringe users (still item rework was to push diversity right but when 1 champ uses 1 mythic or item set 99% time…)
-Viktor secret tech build: crown + lich bane
-they know corki azir is boring af and basically imply it won’t be at worlds (hopefully)

There are not 15-20 ppl on the balance team (designers), there's significantly less, because it's the optimal amount and becomes too difficult to get alignment on anything. When the group gets too large, it's unwieldy. There are ~15 people in the room at the meeting. This is: data (though I also pseudo function as a data analyst), player comms, game analysts (the master-chall people that represent each role from a partner team), producers, QA, other designers from off-team (my boss, etc.)

Keep in mind that the balance portion of the team is only a small part of summoner's rift team's day to day function, given that things like Durability Update or Preseason take 6 months to a year of fulltime work with multi-disciplinary teams (art, engineering, sounds, qa, production, data).

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