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So what is that obvious skin that riot needs to put in the game, but still hasn't done it?

I'll start with this one: Dark Star Aurelion Sol

Tell me your ideas in the comments, because I am pretty curious hahaha

gg ez

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Star Guardian Skarner. I’ve pitched it many times but for some reason it never happens.

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Originally posted by Oopsifartedsorry

pitch them Star Guardian Rek’sai :)

I have pitched Rek'sai and Skarner for Valentine's day. Haven't gotten anywhere with that one either.

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Originally posted by FruitfulRogue

You crack it as a joke but there was a Genuinely goodHeartseeker Rek'sai concept some years ago.

The idea of Heartseeker Skarner and Rek'sai isn't bad. It's the execution and thought process behind it.

What makes you think I’m joking?