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I’ll start off,

  1. Caps
  2. Perkz
  3. Rekkles
  4. Jankos
  5. xPeke

This is just from the top of my head, so could be very different and still be valid

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Originally posted by Jozoz

My personal list would be:

  • Caps

  • Perkz

  • Jankos

  • Rekkles

  • Froggen

Froggen is probably the most controversial one, but I have him here because he's the only Western player ever to have a big claim of being the absolute best player in the world at a certain point.

Watching Froggen stream got me into watching eSports. Still my favorite player despite the ham incident - I chose to blame that mess we had to fix on skumbag Krepos bad influence

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Originally posted by Burningdragon91

What's the ham incident?

Froggen memes of him (not really) DDoS'ing servers but the ham part was when we brought URF back during a promotional eSports event


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