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Because despite being an absolutely bloodthirsty power hungry dictator who ruled through fear and violence, his ideals of creating an independent state that would no longer cower at the sight of enforcers was actually quite noble + even to his dying breath he showed that he truly cared for jinx as a father figure, and wasn't just trying to use her as a tool. A very intriguing character arc because I started off hating his guts but ended up shedding a tear when he died. It's very rare to build up a sympathetic villain, but god damn...Arcane did that perfectly.

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The thing I loved (and hated) about Arcane is at the end of Act 3 it was very difficult to say I hated Silco. Ultimately, his goal was the same as Vanders, he just went through very reprehensible means. Everything he did, he did for his people (and for Jinx), and he mostly had to take that route because the route that Vander took just wasn't an option for Silco (Vander had charm and strength, Silco just had intimidation and cloak & dagger)

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I don't think you sympathize with Hitler. I just think it is weird to sympathize with Arcanes al-Baghdadi.

Being able to empathise with a villain is really important. Otherwise, they just come across as Generic Bad Twirling Moustache Dude, which doesn't lend itself to a compelling story and makes you lose your suspension of disbelief.

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"Everything he did, he did for his people" aka fill the streets with Drugs and let Kids produce it.

That's my point. He did really awful things, and at the end of Act 3 you could see why it all made sense in his head, how he justified it to himself. He wasn't someone doing evil things for the sake of evil. Act 3 made me understand his motives a lot more, and it's really hard to be like "well, yeah, he has some valid points" when someone is acting so obviously evilly