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Idk about you all but I'm a bit weirded out that some of Seraphines ult and death sounds are literally louder then the screaches of baron and dragon. Baron is a huge monster, and seraphine is a little girl with a mic and a hoverthingy. Either that hoverthingy has a great amp in it or i call bullsh*t. Also no wonder her ult is so op. If a sound that loud hit someones ear they would for sure die. Although i don't know about being charmed.

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Why is this sub obsessed her? Is the hyper femininity making everyone uncomfortable?

I think that's a significant part of it.

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We see you over at r/seraphinemains. Hope the teams knows how loved the champion is in all her unapologetic expression. I’ll continue “screeching” along to her ult.

I know the champion is very loved by a lot of people. :) I'm proud of the SeraphineMains community and I support you all.

The fact that people are taking my statement and arguing against a bizarrely altered version of it (which I think they parsed as "that is the ENTIRE reason people have issues with Seraphine") is a testament to how absurd the Reddit discourse around Seraphine has become.

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Originally posted by AmWhaleIRL

I think it's mostly just your use of the word "Significant". There's been plenty of Valid Criticism that's gone "seemingly" unnoticed. So when people see your use of "Significant" in this particular instance it makes them think "Did he even see all the other Valid Criticisms??" It can come across as Deflection to see a Rioter address a problem that's out of their reach as "Significant" while not addressing other Valid problems that were brought up. Perhaps my use of the word "problem" is problematic in itself. I can't think of a different way to word it right now though. I like your awareness of Societal Anti-Femininity that can run deep in Online World's though. I hope to hear more from you, even if I may not agree always. Communication from Devs is always awesome to see.

That's a reasonable perspective.

I'm wondering, what exactly are you advocating that I do otherwise? Agree with the original person's point about femininity, but also hijack it to go through a comprehensive list of all other negative feedback about Seraphine and...say something the validity of each of them?