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Hey everyone! We’re the Books team at Riot Games, here to talk about the first-ever League of Legends novel, RUINATION, which is out in bookstores now. Here today are:

Anthony Reynolds (u/Primordial_Ant), author of RUINATION

Will Camacho (u/Tahmhiddleston), head of the Riot Books team

Siege Gary (u/SiegeGary), Principal Creative Advisor and editor on RUINATION

Michelle Mauk (u/RiotMMauk), Art Director for RUINATION

Steph Lippitt (u/StephRuination), Brand Manager and marketing lead on RUINATION

Ask us anything about the story (we will tag any spoilers), the process of making the book, the incredible art, the full-cast audiobook production, or anything about League lore!

We’re posting this a bit early so people have time to submit questions - we’ll be responding to posts from 5 pm - 7 pm PST.

You can buy your copy of RUINATION at any of the awesome retailers listed here or at a local bookstore near you!

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Hiya folks - thanks for the book! <3

Originally posted by Primordial_Ant

I have no idea what this is referencing but I too now want to learn about sand trolls.

That'd be the sand trolls mentioned in one of Ezreal's field notes on the Runeterra map. He says:


Did you know sand-trolls are a thing? I, for one, did not know sand-trolls were a thing. Turns out—sand-trolls, totally a thing.


Originally posted by youarecutexd

I recognize this name. Are you the Rioter who would always pop up on the boards whenever anyone mentioned maps?

That's exactly who I am, and I helped on the maps in the RUINATION novel too :D

Originally posted by youarecutexd

Nice, good to see you're still doing it. Sometimes I miss those little corners of the boards most people didn't go to. There were some nice little places.

I lurk on the Lore of Runeterra discord every so often, but I also miss the Boards sometimes.