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I'll play teemo. at the start of the game, ill go hide in dot bush or something and stay invisible until minions are getting to lane. In that time period of a minute, I get the popup for afk warning. That's a little too quick that it's going off. Go into a game and test it, it is easily recreate-able. I don't stream and the replay function won't show this otherwise i would provide video evidence of it.

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Originally posted by Fitzky45

Should be 30 seconds minimum, some people go grab water or food before game starts and getting to the game at 30 seconds in isn't going to change much unless your team really wants to invade.

The pop-up is at around 60 seconds since your last input and it takes 90 seconds of no input to trigger a remake option, and we think it's a reasonable ask for folks to click something in a 60/90 second window. Could potentially move back the popup. 30 seconds for water should be fine (but also the game does start at 0:00!)

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It's extremely annoying in practice mode when I'm reading item descriptions or doing maths.

We're looking into this one, agree it's more problematic there.

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I'm rushing against the clock to take a quick run to the toilet and washing my hands - hoping that people don't load in too fast.

At this stage, this is an issue with the game that needs to be fixed.

I'd recommend you do those things before entering queue